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Theory is in two parts

Highway Code you need to score 43 out of 50 from a bank of 1000 questions. Multiple choice, learn the 1000 answers and your a genuis

Hazard Perception you need to pass this at the same time, score 44 out of 75, practice makes perfect.

fail either part and you need to resit both.

Official site on this link

Click on the link above only when you are ready to pass

Practice makes perfect try these links to get you started

Click on this link to go to DVSA theory test page



Hazard Perception

Learners must pass the theory test before passing the driving test, you can begin driving without passing your theory, but will have to study for and pass the theory before sitting your practical driving test. Good Luck

Good Apps, Books & DVD's

A list of publications to help you toward getting your driving licence


Top results from Driving Test Success

 Apps (free app only has 50 questions, try and buy one at £2 for all 1000 questions)


Highway code from DSA

Use the library

As a library card holder you can use Edinburgh Midlothian or East Lothain Libraries web page for free. Using Theory 

Test Pro. My no1 Tip use this site


 Ready to book your theory


official site on this link

other sites are not official and cost over £45 with a promise of a free resit. Do not book on these sites.